If you are personally injured due to someone else’s carelessness, we are here for you. With competent and aggressive advocacy, we are committed to helping you fight for your rights.


If you are interested in starting a new company or  have a business or property dispute, contact The Leveille Law Group today. Let us help you find the solutions you need.


If you are exploring visa or citizenship opportunities and are in need of assistance, let us help you. Through effective representation, we are here to assist you navigate your way.


The attorney’s at The Leveille Law Group are here to help you or your business, protect, exercise and enforce your legal rights. Take advantage of a free consultation today. 


Personal Injury

– we’ll fight when you’ve been wronged –


  • – we’ll help you find effective solutions –


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Civil Litigation

 – let’s protect your interests

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We are here to serve

At The Leveille Law Group, our mission is to serve our community by providing quality legal solutions and competent representation to serve your legal needs. We offer unique long term engagements that allow us to better understand your interests and for you to secure a fixed rate to your legal costs.

Call us today and let’s explore how we can serve you.

  • What should I do if I get involved in a business dispute?

    Compile all available records relating to the dispute. As business disputes are often complex and can involve various levels of communications, it is imperative you keep clear records. It is often best to contact an attorney to explore your options. Your attorney will review all of the docu-ments, advise you on your rights and provide direction on remedies to your dispute.

  • What damages can I receive from a breach of contract?

    Breach of contract damages are meant to put you in the same position you would have been in had the other side not breached the agreement. Your options are based on the specific facts of your case but can include expenses incurred because of the breach, lost opportunities, lost prof-its and specific performance of the obligations owed under the contract.

  • Are there visas available if I want to become a permanent U.S. Resident?

    Yes. There are several visa options available to foreign nationals interested to permanently im-migrate to the United States. These options include a fiancée visa, family visa and a work visa depending on your unique skills.

It’s Strategic

Changes in law firm strategy are being compelled by significant changes in the legal and technological markets. As a result, a one size fits all tactic is simply not an option. At our firm, we take ambitious yet pragmatic approaches to exploring effective solutions for your legal needs.

It’s Innovative

We are committed to embracing disruptive technology and investing our time and resources in assessing the value of new trends in the legal market. We are dedicated to challenging ourselves to leverage change in an effort to be driven by innovation while developing effective legal solutions for our clients.

It’s the LeveilleLaw Way

Our way is a path of the vigorous pursuit of truth, diligent exploration of justice for all, persistent engagement and service to the community through aggressive and effective advocacy.

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“To advocate for another gives the deepest sense of purpose. Through the struggle and reconciliation, the vision and revision, the countless hours of education and dedication, there is always hope and fulfillment.”

— Christi L. Leveille