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Mistakes Car Accident Victims often make with no attorney 

There are many conflicts with legal implications that can be handled without an attorney. Handling a car accident claim is one of them. However, considering accident victims recover significantly more with an attorney, competent legal representation is always my recommendation. If you’re involved in a car accident and you do not have legal representation, here are a few of the several mistakes you are liable to make as a result:  

1. Wait too long

Without proper counsel from an attorney, accident victims run the risk of waiting until it is too late to take action. If injured, you should not delay seeking medical treatment. In Florida, accident victims have a 14 day window to seek initial treatment after a crash to receive PIP (personal injury protection) benefits. Waiting too long may literally cost you in the end.

2. Say too much

In addition to waiting too long, accident victims have the tendency of saying too much without specific instructions from an attorney. It is common for an insurance company to ask accident victims to give a recorded statement detailing the accident and injuries, if any. Giving a recorded statement without consulting an attorney can adversely impact your claim. These statements can be used to reduce settlements and are often unnecessary. Don’t limit your claim by saying too much too early.

3. Demand too little

Accident victims handling their claim solo often run the risk of demanding entirely too little. How much is my case worth? How much should I accept for my total loss? Can I seek the diminished value of my vehicle after the accident? These are a few of the questions an experienced attorney can assist you with when determining what you should demand.

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