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elcome to the LeveilleLaw Blog.  

We are excited about this new opportunity to not only share law, but to explore, confront and challenge law in a meaningful way. Giving focus to business related matters, personal injury and immigration law, this blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing, explaining and clarifying the seemingly vague and the nuanced, the sound and the obsolete, the just and the injustice of law.

This is not your everyday law blog. The LeveilleLaw Blog is here to add color and context to what is the culture of our firm. Innovation and Strategy serve as guideposts for the LeveilleLaw Way. The pursuit of justice shapes our trajectory. The need for advocacy fuels our faith in action. The love of law and literature set us to task. No, this is not your everyday law blog. So let’s engage law and talk. Comment on our posts and invite your friends to join the dis-cussion. We hope to share with you our enthusiasm for legal concepts both domestic and abroad. We hope to hear and learn from your diverse knowledge and experiences. Let’s enjoy the journey together. Welcome again to the new LeveilleLaw Blog. We hope this is the beginning of a lively and engaging dialogue.


About Keven: A native of Miami Florida, Keven Leveille is the fourth of five children born of Haitian Immigrants. He is a proud double Seminole receiving both his Bachelors and Juris Doctorate Degrees from the Florida State University in Tallahassee Florida. Keven focuses his practice in the areas of business, civil litigation and personal injury law.


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Keven focuses his legal practice and contributions to the LeveilleLaw Blog in the areas of Personal Injury & Business Law.

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